Justin Kendall


Photo of Justin KendallI’m a Founder of Kendall and Kendall LLC where I lead project design and management.

In the past I worked for a small company that sold fasteners, tools, and safety supplies. On a daily basis I worked with vendors to place orders, created invoices and estimates, processed credit cards, handled logistics, and product research. I interacted with clients including small repair shops, county roads departments, public schools, trucking companies, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, DC Water, National Institute of Health (NIH), federal agencies, military bases across the country, and even a military base in an active warzone.

I hold an Associate of Specialized Technology degree in Digital Arts from the Art Institute of York, PA. When I’m not working I spend time with my American Staffordshire Terrier / American Bulldog mix Maisie, working on personal projects, and reviewing all kinds of tools.