Justin Kendall

Project 52: 52 Weeks, 52 Posts

In 2010 I, as well as almost 300 other people, took part in Anton Peck’s Project 52 in an attempt to get more people writing content with a goal of writing one post a week for 52 weeks. I didn’t make it all 52 weeks. I’m not sure if anyone did. I just could not find enough to write about back then.

Now nearly 7 years since I signed up for Project 52 I’ve decided to try it again. I have a lot more to write about now. My interests have grown and I’m better at writing in a timely manner than I was back then.

So starting next week I will be posting at least once a week for the next 52 weeks. The topics will probably vary each week just based on what is interesting to me that week. The last week of the 52 will be the week of 11/25/18 – 12/01/18.